Yes, I am a mother and I wear makeup

There is this preconception that once you become a mother, you stop being everything you ever were. But does being a mother equal losing yourself and your previous life? I am a mother and I like wearing makeup. These are my thoughts on it. 


When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law told me I could put my makeup table in storage and give my makeup away. Her words were: “once the baby is here, you won’t have time for that“. She’s a lovely lady, really the best mother-in-law someone could wish for, and we get along really well. Despite that, we are also very different. 

Although we don’t agree on everything, she has never judged me. (or at least never showed it). I come to family functions with makeup on my face and nail polish on my nails. Because it is what I WANT to do, what I LIKE doing and I CAN do it.

Rosie von Waldherr - Curvy Like Stories

I am “lucky” enough to have an amazing partner who is not afraid of taking care of the baby for those 10 minutes I take putting my makeup on. I am “lucky” to have a son that, for the most part, does not have an issue playing alone for 5 minutes with his toys. (And I wrote lucky in quotation marks on purpose because I don’t believe it is all down to luck.) There are also days when Benjamin is going through a leap or simply feeling extra cuddly and wants to be held all the time. And on those days I just don’t put on any makeup.

I don’t need makeup, I choose to wear it! There is a big difference between those two. I also happen to have a professional makeup course, meaning I know how to do my makeup quickly and efficiently. When I know I only have 5 minutes to spare, I won’t do a full face with 1738209 products and a winged eyeliner plus liquid lipstick.

Rosie von Waldherr - Curvy Like Stories


There is way too much judgment out there between moms. We should be supporting each other, helping each other out! Not shaming others just because they choose to wear makeup, go to the hairdressers or get a manicure. It’s called self-care. Whether it is taking care of your body or taking time to meditate, everyone should practice it. There is always time for self-care, sometimes more, sometimes less. Even if it is just when that baby is finally sleeping and you have 5 minutes to read a book or just enjoy the silence without doing anything.

If you want to, put that damn mascara and red lipstick on – just make sure it is transfer-proof so you can kiss the baby! And if you don’t care about makeup or beauty in general, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. 

I like wearing makeup and having my nails done. It makes me feel put together and groomed. But that is ME and I don’t judge those who keep their faces and nails without a trace of makeup or nail polish. You do what is best for YOU. Just don’t judge those who do something different. 


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