Winner or Loser: Sephora set of makeup brushes

Hey hey everyone!!!

I was in extreme need for new brushes…but truth be told, good quality make-up brushes are hard to find in Portugal…specially if you want some that won’t make your wallet cringe! 
Good brushes are extremely hard to find…up until now the only extremely good one’s I’ve found were from MAC. And those my friends, are pricey. And when I say pricey, I mean 40€ a brush. And that’s just too much for me to spend on right now!
So I started looking around, seeing if I could find some good brushes that wouldn’t starve me for the rest of the month! And I found the professional collection from Sephora!!! I browsed around a couple of times when I visited the stores…and there were a few that caught my eye. But when I saw this set of four…with pink handles…I knew I was sold! 
This set comes with four brushes, two face brushes (or like they like to call them, complexion brushes) and two eye brushes. They are super soft and super easy to use! I already used two of them and loved the result!
The smudge brush! I didn’t own a smudging brush and usually try to smudge my eyeliner out with my angled brush…and it just doesn’t do the trick right how I think it should… This brush has much more stiff bristles, but not hurtful stiff!! And the result is much much better!
 The Eyeshadow brush is a very good brush!!! I can use it as an all over the lid brush or for highlighter, it’s a really versatile brush!
The Precision Blush brush (below) is perfect for my contouring!!! I gives the perfect amount of pressure and I love the way it just gets into the hollows of my cheeks!!!
The Powder brush is also very good! I know you can’t tell from the pictures, but you can see the difference in size on the second picture, where all of them are pictured! This brush is perfect to put on my setting powder without looking cakey like my other brush used to!
My brush collection is extremely small…before I got this set I could count them with less than two whole hands! Some of them were already very old and falling apart..
I am very happy with this set, they are small and handy and that’s actually one of the things that I love about them as I tend to prefer brushes with shorter handles!
My verdict:
This is without a doubt a WINNER!!! I love it, use it everyday and would advise everyone to get some Sephora brushes!!! This particular set was 20€ but it was a limited edition set, usually their brushes range between 10€ and 20€ each.
Do you own any Sephora brushes? Do you like them?




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