Why we should stop celebrity-shaming right now!

I was never one to see celebrities as better, bigger or bolder than any other person. 
Maybe it’s because my Opa was an actor or maybe it’s because I myself have some “celebrities” in my close group of friends, truth is, I always saw them like everyone else. 
And it does annoy me how magazines shame celebrities for being, well…normal!!!
The latest issue being that L’Oreal photoshopped Beyoncé’s pictures. Well, of course they did!! They want you to buy their products, so they’re gonna make the spokesperson as perfect and flawless as possible, so you’ll think “hey, she looks hella great in those pictures, maybe if I get that foundation imma look as good as her!” and bam, the sales rate gets up. 
It’s a simple marketing strategy. 
But it’s going too far.
I personally don’t see anything wrong with this (unretouched) picture of Beyoncé. 
But people have been criticizing her neck lines and pimples and shininess. 
She’s 33 years old, been wearing makeup since God knows when and I think she looks good! Yeah, you can see some pimples under the foundation, so what?! She wears makeup probably every day of the week – and extreme high coverage makeup – so it’s perfectly normal that she has some pimples. Not even mentioning the fact that she’s very often on a plane, which also does not help your skin situation. And if you have that many lights shinning on you, you’re also gonna look shiny – do you know how many lights are used on a photo-shooting? Ok, me neither, but I know they’re plenty!
Taken from Radar Online
Another widely criticized celebrity is Iggy Azalea, because of the picture above. She’s a rapper from Australia living in LA and she’s constantly criticized either because she’s Australian, because she is white, because she is a rapper and because she has a booty. Apparently you cannot be an Australian white woman, who’s a rapper and has a booty in LA, without being criticized.
Now, I do not see anything wrong with this picture. Heck, I’m actually a bit jealous she can pull off that color like no one’s business! Oh, she has a bit of cellulite? Over 90% of women have cellulite – GET OVER IT! She looks amazing and that’s all we should say about the subject.
I mean, seriously!!! How do we want young girls to feel confident in their own skin, when we keep letting magazines shame celebrities for having normal bodies? 
The rate of prepubescent and teenage girls with eating disorders has skyrocketed in the last decade. Over 80% of 9 year-old girls will tell you they think they look fat and ugly. I don’t even want to think about how many actually have eating disorders or body dis-morphia issues. 
We need to stop this. I say we, because it is us who buy the magazines. It’s us who dictate society. We need to stop striving for perfection and start striving for acceptance. Body acceptance, soul acceptance, woman acceptance. Accepting ourselves!
Taken from Google
It is not realistic to look at the picture on the right and think that’s unretouched. Madonna is 56 years old, it’s just not realistic to believe that she has the skin of a 20 year old!!!
She looks great for her age, even if she’s (in my opinion!) sometimes ridiculous with the outfits she wears, but honestly, who can blame her for wanting to keep up and look as young as the 20 year-old girls? Can you imagine the pressure?
I think we should just accept ourselves how we are. Accept that celebrities aren’t supposed to be perfect…they’re not here for that! They’re here to entertain us with their voices and acting and whatnot. Not for us to scrutinize them!
Stop pressuring them, stop pressuring your daughters, sisters and friends. Just stop and see how insane it is to expect everyone to be perfect. 
It’s our imperfections that make us perfect!


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  1. Anonymous
    Thursday February 19th, 2015 / 10:46 PM

    That is so true Rosie! But they put themselves in that position when they decide to be celebrities, don't they?

    I've missed your posts so much, glad I found your blog again!

    xoxox Nora

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