When in doubt: adopt!

When I got Cookie, I never thought I’d get so attached to her. But once she was gone, I was lost without her. It was an extremely hard decision to adopt Daisy and Donald, not because I don’t like animals, but because I felt so guilty getting another pet, so soon after Cookie passed away. 
Once I had made the decision to get another cat, there was a lot I didn’t know, but there were two things I did know: I wanted to get two cats and I wanted to adopt them from an animal shelter.
I decided to get two cats, because I saw how alone Cookie felt. I did consider getting an older cat and actually had the opportunity to get a 16 year old male cat that did not get along other cats, but I was too scared of getting home to another dead cat. I did not think I could go through that again and I still don’t – heck it’s been 5 Months and I still look at the place I found Cookie or have anxiety about coming home because I’m scared my babies died while I was away. My Mum says it’s a normal reaction and it will go away with time – she has to know it, it’s her line of work. But it does suck.
I don’t believe in paying for an animal. Don’t get me wrong, I had to pay to take D&D home, but I didn’t pay for them, I paid the fee that the shelter asks for before letting an animal go. See, here in Austria they have a fee for animals, it’s to help the shelter with food, vaccinations and so on and I of course paid the 60€ per cat. I had them already set aside for that and honestly, I don’t see it as paying for the cats, but for the treatment they received until they came to me. Unlike in Portugal, here when you adopt an animal, it already has all the vaccinations, all the procedures done that it needs in case it got sick or so. 
When I saw D&D I just knew they were meant to be with me. But I must be honest, they were so scared of people that I had my doubts if they would ever get used to me. Luckily, they did! Before I went home on vacations they would already come and sleep by my feet and sometimes sit on my lap and such, but they would never come to be while I was walking around the house. But once I got back from my vacation, they got even more attached to me. Now they follow me around, let themselves be pet and even come to my legs. And they purr really loud!!
If you’re thinking to get a pet, be it a dog or a cat, please do it from an animal shelter!! I find it almost barbaric to pay for a pet…Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with a German-Shepard and then later we got a Rottweiler and I do agree that you should be sure where your dog comes from, if you’re getting specific races (that can be dangerous when they’re not pure breed – such as Rottweilers or Dobermans), but if you just want a companion, then please think about adopting.
My cousin adopted her little dog from a shelter and that’s not only the most loyal dog I’ve ever seen, but you can also see how thankful she is! It’s endearing to see how much she loves her new family.
A pet is not a toy and many of the animals that are in shelters are there because they were bought/adopted and then abandoned, either because the families went on vacation, because they grew up or because they bit some furniture or something. A pet is just like a child! I broke a lot of things when I was a kid (no seriously, I did…my parents even made an insurance because of it!), every kid does, but would you abandon your kid because he/she ruined a pair of your shoes? If you answered yes then you’re a bad person!!!
I just wanted to share my thoughts on adopting a pet…because my two little tigers truly changed my life for the best! Even when they (well, Donald mostly) break things or go on the furniture or open my closet and throw all the clothes out (that’s his new thing!), I still love them and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And for those who ask “what if you get a boyfriend and he doesn’t like the cats? What if your kids are allergic?” well…the cats were here first and any guy who does not like them/understands that will never be my boyfriend. And regarding allergies…I am allergic to cats. But my body got used to them after them being here for 2 weeks. There is medications for it as well. And like I like to say: I’ll cross that bridge when I get to ti!
Have a great Sunday!


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