What I normally wear to school

Hello everyone!
How’s your spring break going? I’ve been working a bit, but enjoying my rest as well!
Before I head out to be with my man, I thought of sharing with you guys a typical outfit I wear on school days!
Here it is:
I like feeling comfortable, since I always walk a lot and have also to sit during classes. I get pretty annoyed when I don’t feel good in my clothes, so I try to feel as good as possible, and looking good as well!
On this particular day I had my jeans (those are my house slippers..I did not go out with them =P) a top and a pullover and the pink cardigan. It was a pretty cold day, but even when it is cold, I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing a lot of clothes, so I incorporate layers of thin clothes =D I topped it off with a very spring-like scarf and my knee-high boots!
It’s funny to see how my style changed from a couple of years ago to nowadays! I used to only wear black..because I thought it looked good and I had no self-esteem or confidence in myself, whatsoever! It’s good to see that I’ve evolved and feel good with myself now! =D
Tell me what you think! =D
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Be happy and smiley


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