Watermelon on my nails!

Hello blogging world!

Hope you’re all doing amazing! Today I’m bringing you my latest obsession..in my nails! =)

A couple of days before Christmas I had a bad day and was kinda bummed..and after a session of 45m crying on my Mum’s lap (yes…I still do that! I’m a girl, ok???) she told me to go just get into the car and go somewhere. Now, what most people don’t know is: when I get stressed/worried/need to think, I like to drive! Or even if it’s just sitting in the car while someone else is driving. And no, it doesn’t make my attention any lower, in case you’re wondering.

So, I put myself into Silver (yes, I named my car!) and drove to one of my favorite malls (it’s a favorite because it has a Starbucks. That qualifies it as a favorite!!) and started just window shopping. Kinda. I might have gotten into some stores. But frankly, all the people with the Christmas Shopping were annoying me lol 

But, I digress… Eventually I went into a Sephora and started looking at the nail varnishes from Essie (have I mentioned I love Essie? No? Well, now you know! =P). I started swatching some on my nails making a whole mess rainbow of many colors! =P

In the end..I fell in love..with ESSIE’s Watermelon!!!!


This is how it looks!!! It’s a bright pink, but a wearable kind of bright =P
There is the name =P


I use it with the “fill the gap!” base coat (also from Essie) and LOVE it!
I took this pictures on Christmas day, and I had sported it the night before, on Christmas Eve! I thought it would be a good shade, because everyone usually wears Red and of course I must be different…you know..’cause I’m cool like that =P
What do YOU guys think? Good colour? Would you sport it or is it too girly for you?
Guys: do you like girls with this type of nail varnish? Let me know =)
Wish you a great day! Behave nicely!
xoxo Rose



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