Vienna’s mood swings..

It’s official. Me and Vienna are on a time out. I don’t know how long our relationship will last with her being like this. It’s exhausting.
Either Vienna just broke up with her boyfriend or she just got into her menopause years, because she sure as hell ain’t acting straight!
Seriously. Last week I didn’t know what to wear because it was so freaking hot. I was this close *puts fingers very close together* to get myself some sandals. That’s how hot it was (and I never wear sandals this early in the year!)
When I heard it was gonna get a bit cooler this week I was relieved. I made a party in my head. With guests and a DJ and stuff. And then? Then what? 
Then Vienna decides to go from a tropical-almost-african/brazilian/somewhere-where-it-is-really-unbearable-hot-weather to a holy-crap-it-is-freaking-cold-and-what-the-fuck-am-I-supposed-to-wear-kinda-weather. Seriously?
This picture totally shows how Vienna has been doing weather wise
 This means I not only don’t know what to wear, but also that I never know if there’s gonna be an apocalyptic-Noah’s-Arc-kinda-weather outside or a Sodom-and-Gomorrah-kinda-hot-weather. It’s disturbing. And did I mention I don’t know what to wear??? (what, I’m a girl..we have these kind of existential problems, ok?)
So better get your shit together fast, because I will not put up with you tantrum/attention seeking/really annoying mood swings. 
Get a boyfriend or eat chocolate or something. But don’t take it out on us, poor citizens who love you and want to be able to not melt/freeze in Spring. 
Are we clear? Good!


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