Hello my monkeys and birds and bees!
How are you all today! I’m doing great (I hope)!!!
By the time this post goes up (if scheduled posting works)  I’m halfway through Portugal with my Bestie! Why? Because she’s the best and invited me to spend a whole week with her in the south of the country!!!! Why, you ask again? I have no idea! The only reasonable explanation is that she really must like me! She probably doesn’t know about how cranky I am in the mornings…or my tea addiction…and my horrible singing in the shower…
Oh well! I know it’s gonna be amazing!!!! Because, face it, we ARE amazing!!! 
(Ok Ro..everyone would appreciate it if you would come back to earth and stop thinking you’re as cool as Barney Stinson!)
So…I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions..but I made some Vacation Resolutions…I call them my “Vacolutions” (is it me, or does that sound a lot like vacuuming?Oh well..)
My “Vacolutions” are:
  1. Try to put more effort (or any effort) in my outfits! Mainly because I always look the same. Why? I know why! It’s not that I don’t have ideas…I have them, oh yes sir I do! It’s just..when i try something different on, even if I love it (and I mean LOVE it), I will end up changing into jeans and a t-shirt. Why? Because I feel stupid. HA! Me, the girl who says she don’t care about what anyone thinks, thinks about what people will think if they see her looking hot in a belted dress! I know…I know..I’m a hypocrite..I don’t judge you if you stop reading my blog..(but please don’t!!)
  2. Try and RELAX! I haven’t been able to really relax in over a year! There was work…then school..then the stress with my ex..then school again.. Now it’s my time to relax!
  3. Enjoy myself and try not to stress out about small things! Yes..I’m a stresser…I get nervous when I’m 2min late…or when I’m still 10min early and think I’ll be late! I will try not to get stressed during this week! After all, there are no timetables to follow for a week!
  4. Take many, many, many pictures!!! I love taking pictures, but I never seem to find the time!!! Now is the time! =D
  5. Smile and be happy!!!!
This picture was taken on Christmas Eve..(see? I gotta take more pictures!!!)
Be safe and good and don’t forget to be nice to others!!!
Hugs and Kisses


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