Uni stress and some disappointments

Hello hello world out there!!
Yes, I am (still) alive! 
I’ve been swamped with school work and haven’t had almost any time to do a thing!!! So, I apologize for the lack of posting!
But, thank God, after tomorrow I will have a week to rest! But tomorrow is actually the day I’m dreading the most…I have two tests..one written assignment and an oral group presentation ALL tomorrow! 
Worst thing was that we actually had our work done and then the teacher decided to change it and we had literally two days to have it all re-done! It was crappy..very stressful, but we at last could finish it (I’ve just finished writing my part down!). 
If it weren’t for some very awesome friends we all have, we couldn’t have done it! And my amazing boyfriend who also helped, although he so did not have to be calming my stressful self down!!!
On a down note..I’ve had some tough luck this past month what friendships are concerned..I had two people I considered good friends really disappoint me and I really took it hard. I always take it hard when someone I believed was a friend of mine for several years proves not to know me or starts accusing me of something they absolutely should know I would never do =( I value friendships above everything!!! And those close to me know it…
I am lucky enough to be blessed with very good friends who DO know me and know the things these people are accusing me of are just lies and some of them even say it’s just a way of getting attention or they’re doing this because they are jealous or something..I don’t really know..and I decided I don’t really want to care anymore (better said than done!). Either way…I think my friend Mid won’t enjoy having me have a crying session like I had yesterday and stain his t-shirt with mascara again!!! (gotta buy some waterproof mascara! Any suggestions?)
All in all..it’s been very stressful and all, but I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!! And I’m SO gonna just rest and do absolutely NOTHING during my week off!!! (ok..I will probably study or something, but that’s not the point!!!)
Here’s a picture of me from when I had time to go out to birthday dinners!!!
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Be nice and have loads of fun!


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