Trending: Platform Sandals!

We all know the 90’s are back in the fashion scene! While I love some of the makeup looks, the fashion is not really up my alley…still, I wanted to share with you something that’s been trending a lot right now:



I’ve seen these around so much lately!! 

Heeled or flat, this style of sandals with the white sole can be found basically everywhere! While I don’t actually like the look on flats, I do find it cute with a high chunky heel – bonus points is that it gives you some extra centimeters!

What is your take on the white-soled sandals? Do you like it? 

I won’t be sporting this trend though I do find it cute on younger girls!




  1. Wednesday July 15th, 2015 / 05:38 PM

    Oh I remember how badly I wanted shoes like these back in the day, but my mom would never let me walk around in them haha 🙂

    Thirteen Thoughts

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