Total cover Infaillible – L’Oreal Paris

Total cover Infaillible – L’Oreal Paris

Last month the lovely ladies from Les Factory Femmes presented the new Total Cover palette from L’Oreal Paris and then gave away four of them. Guess who won one of the palette? I had never really won anything before this and I really wanted to try the palette out.

Total Cover L'Oreal

I wanted to try out the palette as soon as I received it, but needed to wait to take pictures. #Bloggerproblems

What is so cool about this palette? Simple: it’s a color correcting palette. What does that mean, you ask? It means it has different colors that you can use to conceal, correct and neutralise your skin. You can conceal darker areas, correct tired and dull skin and neutralise red aread. Easy peasy with just one palette!

The Palette

Total Cover L'Oreal

You use the color the following way: 

• Purple will correct the skin dullness and lightens up the skin – perfect to get a glowy complexion! It doesn’t matter if you spent the night partying or studying for your next exam, with this palette no one will say your skin looks tired.

• Green will neutralise the redness in your skin – this is my personal problem! But this color can also help you out with pimples, especially if they have a red rim to them. 

• Then there’s the beige trio, that conceals uneven skin and you can mix the colors to get your perfect concealer shade. I can only wear the lightest shade, the other two are a bit too dark for me, maybe that will change in the Summertime. Until then I use the darker beige shades to contour under my foundation.

Total Cover L'Oreal

I also got the brush in the giveaway – well, it’s actually a sponge in a bruch setting. Of course I also used it, but to be honest I still am deciding if I like it or not. I’m so used to my Beauty Blender and this brush/sponge is a bit harder compared to it. It doesn’t mean it’s bad! I just need to take some more time to try it out before I can make up my mind.  

My opinion

The colors have a creamy consistency and are easy to blend. However, I have the feeling they dry up very quickly, so you need to blend them quicker. That means you need to work quick and in small areas of your face at once, then you shouldn’t have any issues. I still need to set the concealer under my eyes, which I am used to do anyway so it doesn’t crease. You shouldn’t use too much product at once, or else the dry areas will be showing more and that’s exactly what we don’t want. 

In the picture above I used the green shade on my cheeks and forehead – where I am always red. Under the foundation it looks not only very even, it even give the skin a bit of a freshnees. I am very happy with the result! Disclaimer: the picture is edited, but I only made it a bit lighter, the colors have not been changed whatsoever.

Do you already know the new Total Cover Palette? What are your biggest skin issues? 


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