Today I am thankful for

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA, the day where people eat turkey (and a ton of other stuff like stuffing and cranberry sauce) and give thanks, but I think there is nothing wrong for me or anyone else to be thankful. So I decided to jump into the wagon and share with you some of the things I’m thankful for.
Things I’m thankful for in 2014:
1- My wonderful family 
My Mum and my Dad who, even over 3000km away are always there for me, ready to pick up the phone, always with a caring word and a mental hug. And one of my aunts as well, aunt D. who’s always there with an e-mail and always willing to help.
I truly am blessed in what parents are concerned, even though we had our ups and downs, but what family doesn’t? When you have three people who are stubborn, proud and have very strong personalities, fights are bound to happen! But in the end of the day, we love each other and we know it. I know not everyone is blessed in this department and that makes me even more thankful for the amazing, strong and loving parents I have!
2- My new friends 
Who are always here for me, who showed their true friendship in times of need and are here wether it’s to grab a drink or give a leaning shoulder. Particularly Eva, Rogi, Isa, Lys and Patrick who truly have been my anker, keeping me grounded and making me laugh!
3- My old friends
Who are also always here for me, a phone call away, a message away, making me feel loved and special, making me laugh with our facebook tags and never making me feel left out! Daniela, Alex, Hugo, Cátia, Catarina, Clara, Ricardo, Lourenço, Teresa and Filipa M, who light my facebook newsfeed and my whatsapp account!

Me and my best friend Dani on her birthday last year!

4- My health

Even though I’ve been sick with the flu a couple of times this year, it’s never let me down, always bouncing back in a matter of days. I might have asthma, but I never let it control my life and to me it is just a reminder to slow down when I start going on to strong.
5- My two little tigers
Who brighten up my day, making me smile and laugh and appreciate the little moments. Who cuddle with me in the morning, who make me be a better person, always show me love and purrs. And who always decide to wake up at 5am to cuddle. 

Donald and Daisy
6- My little baby Cookie 
Who gave me a wonderful year and three months together. She really was her own “person”, not catty at all…didn’t purr, didn’t behave like a “normal” cat would, but she always showed me how much she loved me, she always wanted to lie behind me in my chair or on my legs while I read in bed. Even after the accident and after her brain injury became worse, she always found the strength to let me know how much she cared. I miss her more than words can describe…even if I have two little new cats now, she’ll always be my first love and I will never forget her. I carry her everyday on my heart, on my wrist and I have a picture of her hanging on the wall right next to my table.
7- My job 
That has taught me a lot about people, a lot about communication and a lot about money management! It might not be the best job in the world, but I like it and it makes me happy. For now at least.
8- All the curve balls life has thrown me
This year has been one of the hardest in my life. And one of the happiest, most fulfilling ones as well. But it has truly been a journey..moving countries, finding myself unemployed, losing my beloved partner in crime, all of that was horrible and even more horrible because I am alone here, but at the same time it’s made me appreciate the small things, the good things, what I already have. And it’s made me tough, it’s made me stronger, it’s made me more fearless. And it’s made me learn a lot about myself. I know now I am stronger than I ever thought and I can handle anything life has to throw at me.
9- Those who put me down
It might sound weird, but I am truly thankful for those who put me down, who hurt me, who tried to break my heart. Because it showed me what I deserve, it showed me I deserve better and it made me learn not to settle for the second (or third or fourth!!!) best. I deserve the best there is for me (which might not be the best for you or the next one), and I am not afraid to ask for it.

10- All my wonderful readers 
I am so thankful for you guys! For all the comments, all the instagram comments, all the likes and all the e-mails! It truly makes me feel like I’m doing something good around here, it makes me feel included and appreciated.
What are you guys thankful for?



  1. Anonymous
    Thursday November 27th, 2014 / 01:01 PM

    As saudades já são muitas, tantas…que ao ler hoje o teu blog vieram-me as lágrimas aos olhos. Não de tristeza, mas de saudade. Saudade pela filha maravilhosa, inteligente, corajosa e acima de tudo capaz de não desistir perante os constrangimentos (e têm sido muitos) do dia a dia. Obrigada pelo momento que me proporcionaste hoje e por aquilo que és! A tua mãe que te adora!

  2. Friday November 28th, 2014 / 12:41 AM

    Such a lovely post.. Your cats are so beautiful xx

  3. Friday December 26th, 2014 / 10:22 PM

    Ahh Mamã…o que vale é que agora já estou convosco e vou já lá abaixo dar-te um abraço!! =D

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