This year I learned to be happy…

Hey hey everyone!
I have been at my Mr’s house for the last couple of days and that’s why I didn’t update the blog as much =)
Been having a lot of fun over here, really missed this Mr while he was in the south with his family!! Didn’t know you could actually miss someone as much…and feel as comfortable with someone like I do with him…I guess when it’s Love, it is Love! 
2012 was a year of change in many levels..I made new friends…lost some I thought were true and had a lot of things to overcome. I’ve slowly learned that I need to trust myself more, but also let others in..I need to not doubt of everyone’s intentions and just let things go, because that’s when you see the true nature of people! And yes, sometimes you get disappointed…but those times when you don’t make up for it! 
I learned that sometimes someone who you thought would always be there for you, turns out not to be but you have to accept it and let go if that’s what they want (and if it’s not your fault…)..I learned that sometimes letting go is the best option, instead of thinking and dwelling over it trying to figure out what you did, because sometimes you didn’t do anything and it was all the one you called “friend”…and sometimes it was both of your faults..or none!
I learned that people will judge you no matter what. Say rude and mean things even if they don’t know you…and even if you’re someone special to someone who is also in their lives. I learned people sometimes just don’t care…and will hurt you because they think that you did something just because you’re part of someone’s life now…or will say you “stole” someone away (as if being friends with someone equaled stealing them…) And I learned they won’t apologize and most likely will still blame you for everything. And I learned that it’s ok to not care for someone who isn’t important to you…and that sometimes someone you thought was really a good friend, turns out not to be a friend at all! And sometimes we only find that out after more than a year of “friendship”.. And most of all, I learned it’s ok not to be friends with people who don’t like me and worse, don’t respect me, just because they’re in the same place I am everyday!
I learned that helping someone in need is one of the best feeling ever! I learned I’m not the only one with problems I thought were only mine! I learned to open a bit up…and to trust…most of all I learned to trust. I also learned to stop giving a fuck about what others say because more likely than not, they have a problem with you because you do something that they wish they could, but aren’t brave enough to! I learned that if you’re always thinking “what if” things will never go forward…and I learned it’s ok sometimes to be scared and not know what to do!
But most of all…I learned to be happier! I learned to trust my true friends…I found the love of my life..I learned that cuddling up in bed and watching a movie with my Mr is one of the best feelings ever…as is having him hug me and kiss my forehead when we’re with a lot of people because he knows I get nervous…I learned to love again! 
I learned it’s ok not to be perfect and that perfect is boring!!! I learned it’s ok to have some kg more than I should or some dimples in my legs because none of that shows who I am on the inside! And I learned to start accepting myself how I am…with the help of my Mr…the best man I know…the best one for me…the one who makes me happier that everyone ever could or did! I learned true love is real…and far from perfect, but that it’s worth the work if it’s real!!!
And hereby I say goodbye ad farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013 with everything I got!
I wish you all everything good and a very happy New Year and hope all you readers continue this journey by my side and I sure as hell will continue to read all of your blogs as I can’t live with out them anymore! Your comments make me smile and want to write more and your e-mails make me happier than you can possibly imagine!
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Have an amazing last day of 2012 and welcome 2013!




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