This week…

Hey hey pretty readers!
I officially survived the first week of this Semester! And, because being a student is very hard, the University just decided to give us a couple of extra holidays =P I’m kidding! It’s carnival next week and we have three days kinda sucks, because I actually like going to school, but well..I’ve already got some homework and stuff to read, so it’s all good! 
How did my week go, you might ask? Good! And clumsy! Yes..I managed to fall on my face (well…actually on my knees) on the second day of school! I tried to convince my friends that I actually just wanted to check the floor from a closer angle…they didn’t believe me =( Anyways, I’m ok, I think the poor woman at the subway who saw me fall (yes, I feel in the stairs in the subway on my way to uni) was way more scared than I was! The poor woman was so nice, she helped me up and wanted to call an ambulance (drama queen much?) but that wasn’t necessary. Although now I have both my knees bruised and it seems I’ve been in war…like…a knees fight or something..but other than that, I only have problems sitting down when I have to bend my knees haha! =)
But on the bigger picture, I had a great week! Besides a very awkward Monday with a pain in the neck that just wouldn’t leave! =P Even the two hours I spent as the only girl sitting between five guys talking about video games, Pokemon and other stuff I knew nothing about were worth it! I love those guys and I don’t care that I don’t get what they talk about, because they accept me as I am and all my crazy questions! =D I got good friends!
I hope you all had a great week!!!! Oh, and the pictures were taken by my friend Mike when he came over a couple of weeks ago =D Let me know how your week was!!
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*Hugs and kisses*


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