This is why I love her!

Hey hey everyone!!

Some of you might know that one of my biggest role models in life is Tyra Banks! I first saw her on America’s Next Top Model cycle 1 that aired on MTV Germany many years ago and really liked her personality, so i researched a bit more! She had just started doing the Tyra Show and I loved it!

I’m not going to go into details, but I am going to say why I aspire to be like her! One of the first things I watched on her show was the episode where she wore a bathing suit and basically told everyone to “kiss my fat ass!” and I loved it! First, I could not understand how anyone could say that woman was fat (I mean, seriously?!) and secondly, she just made me feel like I too could do that!

I saw this video today on Youtube…and I have to say THIS is why I love Tyra Banks!!!
 She does what I too want to do: show girls (and boys) out there that it is ok not to be a size 0! That you are beautiful no matter what size or shape you are! That, no matter what people say, you are unique and there is no one like you! Haters are going to hate, right? There are always going to be bullies and people who will call you names and hate you for being who you are, but that does not make you anything less, it makes THEM less!!

I just really wanted to share this video, because maybe it will help some girl out there feel better about herself and if I can be a part of it (with a little help of Tyra =P) I will be really happy!!!

I wish you all an amazing Thursday!!!



  1. Thursday September 27th, 2012 / 06:49 PM

    Great as always Rossie, she is a great role model and a huge inspiration for young and not really young girls. I loved the interview!
    Kisses and have a wonderful week.

  2. Nora
    Friday September 28th, 2012 / 12:01 PM

    I like Tyra as well! I see ANTM too and love it! She very big inspiration!


  3. Monday October 1st, 2012 / 09:51 PM

    I absolutely love what she stands for! She's one of my biggest role-models..

    Wish you a great week as well!


  4. Monday October 1st, 2012 / 09:52 PM

    I think that because she has that amazing personality, she gets even more beautiful!! =D


  5. Monday October 1st, 2012 / 09:54 PM

    Isn't she? I'm glad you like her too!


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