The worst day of my life..

Last Saturday I finally moved to my first very own apartment. It’s not just a place where I’m “crashing” until something better comes along…it’s my new place..the place I hope to live for a very long time…or until I find a billionaire to get married to.
But what was supposed to be the start of something wonderful, ended up being the worst day of my life!

Cookie had thrown up in the transporter in the ride to the new place, so I fastened her leash to the balcony while I went to get groceries and stuff we needed at the new place…but when I got home she was NO WHERE to be seen…I started frantically calling her and looking for her everywhere and I finally tried calling my Dad, which didn’t work out and then I called my friend M. who luckily lives by and immediately came to meet me. I eventually managed to reach my Dad, who told me maybe she jumped/fell on the tree next to the house and I actually found Cookie on the backyard in a concrete ditch while on the phone with my Dad. I think she fell on the grass and then crawled to the ditch…she immediately let out the worst cry I have ever heard…I was so scared of hurting her or that she was very very hurt…
M got to us a few moments after I found her and he was actually my salvation, because I was basically useless!! I was crying like a baby, repeating “oh my God oh my God, I’m so sorry!!”, but he picked me up, told me to go get my bag and a blanket and took me to the next vet, close to his place. Once we got there, the vet immediately said we had to take Cookie to the clinic and called us a cab (which of course made me even more useless and panicky!). 
When we got to the clinic (after not having money to pay the cab, which M took care of and I still owe him) they immediately took us in and took x-rays and blood. They told me Cookie has a broken paw and some internal bleeding in her lungs…which of course made me even more useless. She ended up staying there overnight…and I felt so bad….she looks so sad and so hurt…
I talked to the vet today and even though they say they would prefer to operate on Cookie, I see how much she wants to go home, she’s not eating, she’s not sleeping or drinking and she’s in a huge stress. So I, after careful consideration and a very long talk with my Mum and Dad, decided not to make her go into surgery and hope that the paw will heal with a splint…
Am I a bad person? I know the surgery would fix things very fast, but it’s a very invasive procedure and I don’t want to make her go through that, when she doesn’t absolutely need it…
I feel so bad for it…I know it wasn’t my fault, I thought the leash would hold her (and I still don’t know how she got out of the leash without even breaking it) but I still feel guilty over it and will do everything to keep her safe…This was literally the most terrifying feeling I had…not knowing if she would make it..seeing her so hurt and so little and small…
I am so grateful to all the doctors who took so much good care of her…and for M., for being there for me, supporting me and not caring that I was crying like a baby…and for carrying my bag (which I only realized half way through). 
When someone like that gets into your life…don’t let them go!



  1. Thursday July 10th, 2014 / 02:27 AM

    Aww Rosie, I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope your kitty gets better soon! I know how hard it is when your pet gets sick or injured. My dog is literally my life (I like him a lot more than I like some people) and whenever he isn't well or gets sick my heart aches. He injured his neck badly a few years a go and we had to take him to a clinic in the middle of the night, I was freaking out, crying and felt so helpless, so I know how you must feel.<3

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  2. Sunday August 10th, 2014 / 09:42 AM

    Thank you Paula!!! She's doing much much better!

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