The thing about bloggers

The thing about bloggers

Being a blogger is now “in“. These are the prerequisites to be a successful blogger. Or: the thing about bloggers.

According to the Kurier all bloggers look the same, you can’t even talk about individuality, because blogger don’t know what that means. 

Our apartments all look the same and we all eat the same things, preferably with extra avocado! Dressed in head to toe designer, with Gucci slippers on our feet, a Valentino Rockstud bag on our arm and a coffee in our hand – that’s how we bloggers style ourselves. Everything for the feed, everything for likes and follows.

Blogger all do yoga – preferably with cool sports clothing and someone to take photos of us while we do the exercises. Naturally so we can share it on Instagram right away. We’re blogger, after all.

We all get invited to the same events and all accept the invitations – the Goodie Bags alone are worth it. Even best is to take a huge bag (or a suitcase!), in order to take as many samples as humanly possible. The main thing is to take as many free things home as you can.

avocado toast

Our pictures are perfect, we know our poses better than models and spend more time then they do in front of a mirror so we can get ready for the next selfie. Talking about selfies, never miss an opportunity for a good selfie! The best thing is to take around 300 pictures and that of course during Golden Hour. The followers love the Golden Hour! 

Bloggers don’t get to eat anything warm – that’s why we love smooties and salads – because we need to take the perfect photograph first and it doesn’t matter that the boyfriend is hungry or we take 30 minutes to find the perfect layout and light. Oh and the Blogger’s boyfriend needs to be perfectly trained in order to be a good Instagram Husband.

Bloggers don’t need to buy makeup, because we get everything sent to our homes anyways. Same thing about clothes, we don’t need to pay them ourselves, that’s what cooperations are for – bloggers get the clothes sent to them, use them and post them. Of course without sharing with the readers that it is a cooperations, because we want the followers to see us as authentic. 

Let’s be real now: yes, there are a lot of bloggers who are alike. But there are also a lot of bloggers who aren’t the same! We don’t all own Gucci slippers and some of us don’t even like avocado. Bloggers also eat unhealthy and sometimes don’t wear any makeup or stylish clothing. But that’s exactly what makes bloggers interesting – the diversity in the community, the honesty and the authenticity. 

Are there disonest bloggers? Yes! Are there bloggers who only want to get free things? Yes! Are there bloggers who only do the same as others? Yes!

But you will find people like that outside of the blogging world. There are disonest people everywhere. The important thing is to still pay attention to the honest people and bloggers. There are a lot of bloggers who blog because we love to, because we’re passionate about it and we really want to.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you’re not authentic or only want to be famous. 



  1. Thursday March 16th, 2017 / 11:00 AM

    Preach! Absolutely agree with you. I hate the whole blogger bashing trend. You do you girl. Sure, there are always dishonest people in every branche. And fakes. But that doesn’t mean we’re all like that.

    Love, kerstin

  2. Laney
    Friday March 17th, 2017 / 03:50 PM

    I think everybody is looking for those bloggers off the mainstream, not in Gucci slippers, not with a perfect outfit, the perfect dog or the perfect partner at all times – because it’s refreshing and real. But they become harder to spot, and people need to look closely – which takes time and effort, which most people are not willing to put in. In my opinion the Kurier article encourages to think further: where are the “Alltagsheldinnen”, the brave girls, the ones that deal with “not picture perfect”, the ones we can look up to, the ones that challenge and encourage us? Stay on your path, Rosie. It’s refreshing and real. 🙂

  3. Monday March 20th, 2017 / 01:05 PM

    Sehr guter Post obwohl ich Avocados liebe 🙂

    Ich finde ein Blog muss authentisch sein – ich könnte zB nicht über k.a Tierrassen bloggen wenn ich mich nicht auskenne, genauso über Gucci, Prada usw. Da ich in dieser Preisklasse nicht einkaufe … Und Fotos beim Sport? Ich glaub bei richtigem Sport geht es weder um Fotos noch trage ich make-up und wer will schon ein verschwitztes Fotos sehen 🙂

    Echt toller Bericht kann ich nur widerholen!

    LG Danie von

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