The search for the mozzarella…

I love mozzarella. I really love it! I think it’s the perfect thing to go on salads…pizza…pasta…sandwiches..just about anything!
Sadly, I don’t seem to find any good mozzarella.. Sigh..
In a time where “fat-free”, “light”, “reduced fat” and such consume our lives, it’s really hard to find real mozzarella anymore. I am talking the real, buffalo milk mozzarella. It just tastes different when it’s not the real deal.
I drink my milk fat free (because I don’t like the taste of it), the yogurt fat and sugar free, don’t put sugar in my coffee/tea…but I refuse (refuse!!!) to eat fat free mozzarella!!!! Have you tried mozzarella made out of cow milk??? It’s horrible!!! It’s flaky…has no taste…it’s just sad…
Does anyone here in Vienna know where to get good buffalo full fat real mozzarella?? Or can you give me a brand that you know is good? 
I’m calling out to all of you out there…help put some end to my misery…



  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday May 20th, 2014 / 04:52 AM

    I have an Eurospar next to my flat and they have buffalo mozzarella ….however I am pretty sure you'll get a tastier one at “Naschmarkt”, “Merkur Hoher Markt”, “Meindl am Graben” or even in a Billa Corso, Spar Gourmet 🙂

  2. Tuesday May 20th, 2014 / 07:08 AM

    I looked for it at Billa and the one at Spar as well, but it's made with cow's just tasted different… I might check it out at Naschmarkt, I didn't think about it!! =D

    Thanks for the tip!!

  3. Anonymous
    Monday July 28th, 2014 / 07:20 PM

    As I was reading through your Facebook page I started remembering the debate of the mozzarella 🙂 – so if you haven't found your perfect one yet read through the next lines otherwise skip 😀
    So I know that Spar has a Premium Line which sells buffalo mozzarella! It's not in those typical “plastic” kind of something … I think you should ask someone at Spar (it could be that the buffalo mozzarella is not in the product line of “Spar”, so you could try to check out a Eurospar or Interspar)…

  4. Monday July 28th, 2014 / 08:27 PM

    Thank you so much!! I haven't found the perfect one yet, sadly! I found some “mini” mozzarella balls at the Lidl near my place, but they aren't all that good… I'm definitely going to try it out with the Premium line from Spar!


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