The plastic bags issue

Even though I’m living in Vienna now, I still stay up to date with the most important things in Portugal. Mostly through online news. And Facebook.
Most of the things that I read are uninteresting. Some are way up there on the point (yay for the Portuguese government for finally making a law that protects animals from being mistreated/abandoned!) and some are just plain logical – in my mind.
The new law, since the 15th of February, is that plastic bags in the supermarket need to be paid. 

Taken from dn,pt

My parents also always carry bags in the cars/when they go shopping. Probably also because they shop a lot in Lidl and Aldi, where the plastic bags were always charged (German brands are always a step ahead!), but sometimes they didn’t bring any when shopping at the Intermarché on the other side of the street, where the bags weren’t charged.Hey, I don’t see anything wrong with it, we pay for them here in Vienna! I remember I learned fairly quickly to always carry a bag five years ago when I first lived here – I ain’t paying 0.15€ to 0.20€ every time I go shopping. 

Now, like the Portuguese way dictates it, the people are complaining about it. And they’re doing it big time! The Portuguese people do not like change. No they don’t, heck, they still talk about the discovery of Brasil as if it was yesterday. So, naturally, they’re all writing about it and complaining about it and going on TV being interviewed about it. (And if there’s something that the Portuguese people likes more than complaining, it’s being on TV!)

Picture taken from Público Online

If I forget to bring a bag when shopping and the things don’t all fit in my bag, I’ll pay the 0.15€ that a bag costs here. Now the thing is, the bags that you can buy here, are a LOT better than the ones we get down in the Lusitania lands. But then again, you can always choose to take one of the free thin bags where we carry the fruit in – those the supermarkets here give you for free and to be honest, you put some color into them and you have the same bags they are now charging in Portugal.Personally, I had fun reading about all the fuss for the first 5 minutes – now I’m just bored. The one thing I do agree with is with one thing a gentleman said – that he does not want to pay 0.10€ for a bag that will rip up the first time it carries something.

Besides that, I don’t find it so outrageous to charge for the bags at the supermarket. Like I said, it’d nothing new up here in Austria and Germany. But I do agree that if the country wants to charge for the bags, they need to provide for better quality bags. 
But then again, the people would just go and find something else about the bags to complain about – like the color or the shape of them. 


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