The Espadrilles

One of the up and coming trends for some time now are none other than: Espadrilles!


Espadrilles were, like any other trend, very trendy in the past and now, like any other trend, they are back on trend and seen on shelves everywhere, from Chanel to Forever 21.

Personally, they’re not my favorite trend. But I must admit they’ve become extremely popular in the last few seasons and some of them are pretty darn cute, like the pair on the upper left that has cat ears. Because, lets face it, anything that had cat ears looks instantly cute! I also like the glittery pair of Chiara Ferragni with the lipstick and lips, they’re beyond cute, but I have heard that hers are not the most comfortable shoes out there.

Even though they’re not really my personal cup of tea, I must admit there are some darn cute Espadrilles out there and, should I ever find a pair that truly appeals to me, I won’t say no to trying it on!



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