The day we met Murphy!!

Hey hey everyone!!
Let me ask you, what happened on the 31st of December 2012? You’ll say “Gosh Rosie, don’t be so blond, of course it was New Years Eve!!! Well..let me tell you folks, you’re wrong…well…ok, it was NYE, but it was also the day we had an American over! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we had one of those weird creatures from all the way on the other side of the pond over in our little country, courtesy of our great friend A.! And to be honest, when the 21st was coming and everyone was saying the world was gonna end, I was like “No no no, because Murphy is coming over for New Year’s, so the world can’t end!”
Ok…it wasn’t that big of a deal that an american was over, it was more of the fact that we had been talking to him for ages and finally got to meet him!! Let’s be honest, he’s funny and knows how to do a southern accent and told us stories from his high school and I cannot tell you exactly where he comes from because the guy has moved around more than I did, and let me tell you I’ve moved around a lot! It was also a big deal because since freaking OCTOBER I hadn’t been with my Mr and my two best friends in the same room (mostly because my bestie H decided to move to Barcelona for a semester and leave me all alone over here!!!) and let me tell you, it was memorable!!
I cooked lunch! Don’t know what that weird face was for, but it cracked me up when I first saw it after loading the pics! So here ya go, I’m crazy cooker!
The Mr set the table while I was cooking (or better said burning myself, which seems to be on the verge of becoming a pattern!)
He took pictures of what I was cooking haha, but hey, everyone loved it ok?? =P
When my bestie H saw my “new” camera, he decided to take pictures! Do you like the fries in the background? Sexy, huh? =P
Don’t ask me why, this was the only picture I had of Murphy (oh, that’s the american’s name by the way!) in my camera…I have no idea why he was doing that face (probably telling us a story) and I’m scared to know why!
In the evening me and the Mr went to a NYE party on one of his friend’s girlfriend house and it was really really cool!! I made a new friend who actually took 30min to fix my foot (I had fallen while going out of my Mr’s house…when I told this to my bestie T, she replied “that’s my Rosie!” so I guess I am always falling down after all)
I hope you also enjoyed yourselves on New Years Eve, whether you stayed at home of went out to party (hey, we did both at the same time haha!) and I wish you all the best for this new year of 2013, may we all be here reading this blog in a year’s time!
And that’s what happened on the 31st December 2012!


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