Thankful November

November is Thanksgiving month and even though I am not in America, I still very much identify with it. A lot of things happened this year and today I am telling you what I am thankful for this November. 


Last year I was having some strong feeling about the month of November. I was feeling like every single thing we were doing would be the last as a couple without children. This year things are very different. I have a (very active!) 8 month old who seems to learn something new every day and I am home with him, the longest time I have been without going to work. Things are different, but not necessarily worse. These are the things I am thankful for. 


It may sound very cliché, but I am very thankful for my health. Although Fibromyalgia is very much still a part of me, it has gotten a lot better! While I was pregnant it was more or less non-existent and while it did make itself known during Benjamin’s birth (making my CRP levels skyrocket), things are a lot better than they were previously. I still have pain, especially if I don’t sleep enough or have a cold and I still feel the weather changes. However, I haven’t had a flare in a long time! This makes me think hormones also influence Fibromyalgia.


Markus, Benjamin and I have become a little family. Our own little family. That made me realize a lot of things that I hadn’t (or didn’t want to see) before.  I don’t want Benjamin to ever go through what I went as a child and will do everything I can to protect him from evil people. Regardless of who they are! I have become extremely ruthless when it comes to whom I let into mine and my son’s lives. 


When we got home after Benjamin was born, I could hardly move. A lot of things went wrong during his birth and that made recovery harder. Markus was able to get 4 weeks off of work and it was a blessing! He helped not only keeping the household in order but also cooked and took care of Benjamin while I was still recovering. The little family I have in Austria are in Vienna, which meant we didn’t really have anyone to come over and help or bring food. I am very thankful for Markus’ aunts and parents, who always give us food whenever they invite us over. 

I got – and still do – a lot of hate on Social Media when I share that Benjamin was always an easy baby. Yes, he slept through the night almost immediately, he never screamed a lot and was always a very “awake” and smiley baby. And I am thankful for that. But I should also take some credit here: I have had experience with babies before and I was never anxious with him. I really think that was a very big part in order to our relationship as mother and son to work so well!


Getting pregnant is a full-proof way to see who really is your friend or not. It showed me who really cared about me for me and who only wanted my friendship to get something from it. Even at work, people started acting differently to me. On another hand, this also showed me who really liked me for me and didn’t care how my belly looked (or what was in it). I now only have a hand-full of friends, but I know I can count on them – wherever they are! I actually only have one friend in the same city as me. The rest are in Vienna or Germany, not to mention those who are in the US, the UK and Portugal.  

These are some of the things I am thankful for this November. I am happy to know there are people around us who love us and want the best for us. And I am thankful for the community I have created during my blogging journey. Thank you for tuning in, reading my posts, liking my pictures on Insta and sending me lovely messages! 






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