Thank you!

I haven’t been writing much because, to be honest, I’m kind of totally overwhelmed with work, having been sick, missing my parents and my friends and generally just trying to keep my head above water..
It hasn’t been easy..and I don’t like to write about bad things here on the blog, not because I want to pretend my life is perfect, but because I want this to be a positive space, where everyone can come and feel good!
But the truth is, sometimes life’s fucked up! Sometimes you find yourself feeling alone, totally scared of what’s ahead and sometimes you end up crying hysterically after a phone call with your parents or best friend, because you just don’t know what to do next and feel like you’re falling without a parachute.
But then I saw this picture:
And I had to smile! Because it is true! My life isn’t perfect…heck my life is far from perfect right now! But I’m so thankful for everything I have!
I’m thankful to my parents who have always been there for me, even when I didn’t deserve it (especially when I didn’t deserve it!), who are always a phone call away and always have a good advice to give me!
I’m thankful for my friends for always making me laugh, for making me feel loved, even miles and miles away!
I’m thankful for my job, because it’s honestly amazing and even when I have a stressful day, I just think that there are people who don’t have a job they love or even one at all!
I’m thankful for Facebook and Skype because they’re a way for me to talk to my friends and family!
And I’m thankful to all you readers, for supporting me, for giving me strength, those who e-mail me when I don’t post for a while..all the cyber-friends I made through blogging…
All that makes me thankful!! And I never want to lose this feeling, because it makes me see that it could be much much worse!
Thank you all for being amazing!!!



  1. Thursday April 3rd, 2014 / 03:14 PM

    Hi Rosie! I like this blog. I like it, precisely because you wrote about your current feelings. I my opinion it is quite difficult to write about his feelings. Furthermore it is important to talk about feelings. For example with his family, friends as well as with your neighbours. According to your blog you must be a very social person. I like this. Go on with this attitude. kind regards from your new fan danijel

  2. Sunday April 6th, 2014 / 05:40 PM

    Thank you Danjiel! That's what the blog is about..I do open myself quite a lot here, I just want to keep this a positive space for me and my readers.. I am a very social person, but I don't really open myself up that much to people =)

    Thanks for the comment!

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