Sunday’s Cravings: Benefit box sets

What makeup is concerned I usually stick to what I’ve tried and know suits my skin/needs. But sometimes I like to try new products. The easiest way to try more than one product from a brand without spending your whole money? Box sets!

Sunday Cravings.Benefit Box sets

I’ve tried some of Benefit’s products, but I must admit there aren’t many things I bought in full size. Why? Because even though I love Benefit (and their adorable packaging!), I still think it’s a bit pricey and I can find similar things for less money.

Regardless, one of the things that I do love from Benefit are their box sets!!! You spend the same as a full size product (sometimes even less!) and  get to try 4 to 6 products from the brand. Isn’t that amazing??

Right now I’d like to try out the Operation Pore-proof set and the They’re real sexy on the run! On the first set you get the POREfessional pro balm (said to be one of the best primers in the history of makeup primers!), the POREfessional licence to blot (an oil blotting stick that minimize your pores while keeping you oil-free), the Shy beam (a pinkish highlighter, which is a new release and is described to be a matte highlighter) and the Dr. Feelgood Complexion Balm (one of their oldest products said to do almost the same thing as the licence to blot). On the second you get the Benefit They’re Real push up liner (said to be one of the best gel eyeliners out in the market!), two They’re Real mascaras (in black and brown – I’ve got a sample of the black one already and I LOVE it!) and the They’re real makeup removal (the best makeup removal for the They’re real liners).

I’d love to try these out, because they’re said to be really good products and everyone raves about them. But as I said before, I don’t want to buy the full sized product (what if I end up not liking it??) and this way I can try more out at once!! If I end up liking one of the products and think it’s worth the money, I can always get it in the full size, right?

I also think this is a really good trick for newbies in makeup to try many of the Benefit products at once!

Have a great Sunday!



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