Stokke® Changing Bag

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A few months ago I told you on my Instagram that we had received the Stokke® Changing Bag. After using it for three months, I am today sharing with you my thoughts on it. 

A diaper or changing bag is something every new parent needs. Whether it is a functional bag or a fashion one, it’s up to you. To be honest, I had never used a diaper bag before – whenever I was taking care of my cousin I just put some diapers in my own bag and we were good to go. If you try to search for diaper bags, you get an array of choices ranging from very cheap to absurdly expensive. 

Stokke Changing Bag - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


What really appealed to me, besides the obvious Stokke quality, was the fact different ways you can wear the bag. You can use it over the shoulder, crossbody or as a backpack – all in one bag! The design is also very unisex, which I find very inclusive towards dads. 

An overview of the Stokke® Changing Bag:

  • It has a changing mat and a removable pouch.
  • Inside the bag, you also find a net pouch, as well as two pockets.
  • On the outside of the bag, there are also two pockets, one of them is even isolated and waterproof so you can keep the bottles warm without fear of them leaking.
  • On the front, you can find a pocket where you can store your keys/tissues/phone – perfect to keep those things you need quicker. 
  • You have the possibility to use the bag as a backpack or over the shoulder
  • It is compatible with all Stokke strollers
  • It is very lightweight 

Stokke Changing Bag - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


I asked you on my both my Instagram accounts if you had any questions about the bag and the response was amazing! There we also some questions to which the answer is directly on Stokke’s website, but I will answer them here nonetheless. Most of the questions came more than once.

1- Is the bag waterproof? The material itself isn’t waterproof or marketed as such, but it doesn’t soak through either. I would describe it as “water resistant” since the water will sort of slide off of the bag. But I only was in the rain for a few minutes while using it!

2- In which colors does it come?/Does it come in XXX color? This is the type of question that made me roll my eyes, because Stokke has an amazing website where you can see every color they have available. Stokke currently sells their changing bag in 8 different colors: Black; Black Melange (which you can see in the pictures); Grey Melange; Deep Blue; Beige Melange; Brown; Purple and Red. The Deep Blue, Red and Purple are beautiful! I would advise you check their website and see the colors for yourself. 

3- How much does it cost? In their website, it is listed at 129€. 

4- Is it worth the money? Absolutely! It is an amazing quality, functional and looks good (which is a good thing)

5- Where can you buy it? Directly from Stokke’s website; stores that sell baby things and I think you can also get it from Amazon. 

6- Can you hook it in every stroller? I can’t answer that. It can be hooked onto every Stokke stroller, but I would suppose it won’t fit in every stroller in the market. My advice would be to try it out.

Stokke Changing Bag - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


Honestly: I absolutely love it! It is light (compared to other bags), the straps are comfortable in both positions and it is big enough for everything we need. And trust me, we always take things we don’t need! The quality is very good as well – we have been using it for the last 3 months non-stop and it is still in pristine condition! Also, I once spilled milk on it and it didn’t stain.

I also really like that it doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag. I really don’t like it when the bags really look like a diaper bag, as crazy as it may sound. The fact that the bag isn’t heavy is a definite plus – when you’re carrying baby things around, it gets pretty heavy anyway. We have it in the color Black Melange, which in my opinion is the perfect neutral color – a beautiful cool grey that goes with everything!

I would always recommend this bag, whether you’re a new parent or not. The Stokke changing bag is practical, functional and looks good. You can carry it without the fear of it looking tacky or too much like a diaper bag. It is discrete and the quality is extremely high – like we have learned to expect from Stokke. And Benjamin obviously loves it as well! 

Did I miss anything you’d like to know? Feel free to send me a message if you want to know anything I haven’t mentioned. Do you also use Stokke products? What do you look for in the perfect diaper bag?

Ad: product received in cooperation with Stokke®


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