Splurge or Save: Mascara Edition!

Hey hey everyone!

On this first post I’m going to talk about one of the things I never leave house without. I might not wear anything else makeup wise, but I always have on a bit of mascara to make my eyes appear awake!

I am the opinion that, like everything, this is a matter of taste. Nevertheless I also think it’s a waste of money to spend 50€ on a mascara tube.. 

I once bought a YSL mascara and I was really disappointed! The packaging is beautiful and great quality..the smell of the mascara is really good, but the product itself was not worth it at all! It flaked like crazy and by noon I would have my bottom lashes full of mascara I hadn’t even put there!

My favorite mascaras have to be from Maybelline! At about 10€ a tube I do not think it’s pricey at all, plus they last me a long time and the quality is excellent! 

Recently I’ve also tried one from the German brand Essence and it is amazing! Best part? It was less than 3€ and is waterproof and lasts all day!!!

What mascaras are concerned I truly believe you should save! Instead of spending 30+€ on a mascara you can spend a third of that and then save on to splurge on something else that is really worth it and you wouldn’t be able to otherwise!

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to know what you think about it! Leave a comment letting me know!



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