Splurge or Save: Flats Edition!

Hey hey everyone!
Today on Splurge or Save I’m going to be talking about something every girl is sure to wear…flats! In specific Ballerina flats!
For a very long time I used to get inexpensive flats that would last me one season and that was it. On the long run I realized that I’ve spent more money by getting every year one or two pairs of 10€ flats than if I’d got some more expensive ones that would last me longer.
Last year I got a pair of simple black ballerinas for 20€ in Deichmann, that are lined with leather outside. They’re not very good quality, but they’ve lasted me for two years and are going on their third!
But this year I’ve decided to really invest in one or two pairs or flats that will last me forever, or at least longer than the ones I’ve had until now!
I’ve read about the Josefina’s ballerinas a couple of months ago and fell in love with their story. Basically a young girl from the north of Portugal decided to start her own ballerina show brand, where the shoes are made from real leather and all hand made by extremely skilled shoe makers! You can even tie the ribbon at the size you want so the shoe fits to your foot perfectly! At starting price of 90€ they’re not exactly inexpensive, but they’re also not as expensive as some other shoes I’ve seen!
The next pair I’ve been wanting for ever!!! I never really had the guts to save for them, but now I’m going to think about it! The Tory Burch reva flats are made of a sturdy leather, a lot more resistant then the Josefinas, and have the cute lady-like accent on the front with the Tory Burch logo on it!
They’re a bit pricey starting at 200€ but from what I’ve read and heard they’re definitely worth the money! And I can see both these pairs with different kind of outfits. They’re versatile, casual and dressed up at the same time!
When it comes to shoes I do think you should splurge! Your feet support your whole weight all day long and they should be spoiled and well kept. That means you should at all means wear good quality shoes. I’m not telling you to go get broke by buying shoes, but you could save up a bit of your money to splurge on those shoes you need, instead of getting ten pairs of non good quality shoes.

What’s you opinion? Do you think you should get better quality shoes? I’d love to get your opinion on the subject! Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. Thursday December 12th, 2013 / 02:09 PM

    That's true, I think on the long run if you spurge on a good pair of shoes it ends up being a save because they will hold better and you won't spend on more every month or so =)

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