Some changes come for the best!

Hello pretty readers!
I know I haven’t posted anything in the last few months..but bare with me, I had my reasons! =D
The biggest being the university and all of work I had this semester… nonetheless, there are other reasons..

I haven’t quite felt I was being completely myself what this blog is concerned…when I first started I did it for me..because I wanted to document my life..but eventually I started writing what I thought my readers would want to read – a beauty blog. The thing is, that wasn’t me.
Or better said, that wasn’t ALL me. I do like make-up and fashion (I have a styling and make-up degree and love giving fashion advice), but that is not all I thrive for. There is a lot more and I kinda didn’t feel right only writing about those things!
I don’t shop a lot, so hauls is something I just hardly ever do..I’m not that glamorous or fashionable, mostly because I don’t like “wasting” time on myself. I don’t have many monetary resources and therefor I don’t shop a lot and I do wear more than once the same outfits. As much as I love reading blogs like Dulce Candy’s or Francesca’s, that just isn’t the type of blog I want to write.
After giving it much much thought, I decided to really write about what I want and what I really like! Be it a book I read or ramblings about my hilarious life (trust me, it’s pretty hilarious at times…), I’m going to write about it if I feel like it and I’m not going to feel guilty about it!
I know I will probably lose some readers, but I don’t really have this blog to get readers…don’t get me wrong, I love all of you who read my blog and e-mail me asking for advice! What I mean is, I won’t be making hauls just for the sake of my readers. I’ll do a haul if I buy something and I really want to show you! =D
This picture really translates what I feel this blog should be! I found it on facebook and instantly knew it was right to put it on this post!
I hope you guys will understand my decision and stay with me on this journey that is my life! =D
If you wish go check out my Facebook Page, my Twitter and my Instagram!! Yes, I finally got an Instagram account (well…I kinda already had one, but couldn’t figure out how to use it until my good friend Alex showed me how to!) and have been posting a lot of pictures =D
Be happy and have an awesome day!



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