Snapshots from Graz!


Last weekend we went down to Styria and spent the weekend in the lovely city of Graz!

Markus and his closest group of friends have the tradition of going on vacation together every year, so this trip had been booked for a while already. On Friday afternoon I got to drive the 5 of us from Linz to Graz, a 2:30h drive (which does not bother me at all since I love driving!). We stayed in the Ibis Hotel at the train station (in case someone’s wondering) and it was a nice hotel, our room was on the road side and it wasn’t loud at all.

After checking in we went out for dinner to a place one of his friends already knew and it was really good! The next day we went out for breakfast and then a bit of shopping – I’ll write more about that in another post, here’s just a ton of pictures from the city!



One thing I gotta tell you is that I loved the houses!!! We live in a pretty modern area in Linz and I do kind of miss the old style houses, so it was really cool that Graz ended up being a mix between modern and old-school architecture!




I loved this type of modern-artsy-bridge! Below you can see a set of nets where people can actually lie in!


This is how the bridge looks from the outside!


Below you can see a picture from the biggest attraction from Graz: the Tower!



The view from up there by the tower:




When you’re by the tower, you can walk up to what used to be a prison and is now used as a stage place for shows as concerts or theater pieces.



Kind of reminds me of a colosseum!










I really liked the city and definitely want to go there again so I can see the things I didn’t get to see and check the things I’m interested in. All in all it was a nice weekend and I really enjoyed the city and the people in it! 




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