Skinny jeans on Guys?

Skinny jeans are living in most women’s closets. They’re versatile, there’s a pair for every body shape and million colors to choose from. We see women wearing skinny jeans everyday, everywhere, anytime we go outside or open a magazine.
But what about guys?
The other day I was on the subway looking at people’s outfits minding my own business when a guy gets in and is wearing something that looks like this (and trust me, it was difficult to find a similar picture…):
Now, the problem isn’t really on the front side of the jeans (even though those buttons aren’t doing anything for them..if I would have pants like these I would be confused about what to use..) but what’s really bad in this picture is the back part of it. Have you seen those pockets??? I mean..they’re not doing anything for his figure!! It’s bad enough that the guy’s wearing jeans so tight in the bum, but with the pockets positioned in that place, it just seems like he doesn’t even have a bum! I would have preferred the pockets right on his bum, that way it would accentuate it and actually look good..
So guys..if you want to wear skinny jeans, it’s fine…as long as they’re not too skinny..but you should go for something more like this:
And if you want to be taken serious never, ever go for something like this:
Need I say more?
Have a great day guys!


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