6 shopping tips for Black Friday

Even though Black Friday originally comes from the US, many stores in Europe also offer deals on this day. Tomorrow is Black Friday again, with many deals to choose for and today I am giving you 6 tips for taken the most advantage of the deals.

Shopping tips for Black Friday

Have a specific goal in mind

Before you run to the stores (or your computer), you should make a list. What do you need? What do you want? What you need should have priority over what you want. I for one want a Chanel bag, but I’ll probably need socks (and money) before I can get it. Having a list will also help you to keep your goal in mind and not buy something just because it’s on sale.

Set a Budget

Sure, when something is on sale it’s easier to spend the money for it. In order for your account not to go into negative territory (there’s still 5 days until the month end and food is important too), it’s good to set a budget and not exceed it. A list of things you really want to get will also come in hand here.

Quality before quantity

It’s smarter to get one or two good quality pieces, instead of getting 10 things that will look frumpy after two washes. A good choice is always to get pieces that you’ll wear longer and often – like good shoes, a coat or basics such as sweaters and pullovers. 

Would you also pay the full-price?

If you find yourself in a shop with a piece you’ve just fallen in love with, it’s hard not to buy it right away. In those situations I often ask myself if I’d buy it if it wasn’t on sale. If the answer is “yes”, then I’ll take it. If not, then it’s not real love and it’s best to leave it.

The early bird catches the worm

Getting up early on a Friday to go shopping isn’t exactly on the top of my list either. Butif you really want to find good deals and not have thousands of people around you, it’s worth it going to the stores early. A bonus: things will still be organized and therefore easy to find. And no one really likes to go shopping in a mall full of people, right?

Online Shopping: think twice before clicking

When online shopping it’s pretty easy to get stuff, because we don’t really have the feeling we’re spending money. It’s then especially important to think twice or even three times before you click “buy”. 

Regardless of what you want to buy or if you’re doing it online or at the store, the most important is you use Black Friday well. A lot of online shops, such as Zalando, Asos or even Amazon also have great deals on Black Friday. I hope my tips help you and you don’t forget to let me know what you got!  



  1. Thursday November 24th, 2016 / 07:17 PM

    Interesting article! 🙂
    I think it’s very important to set a budget otherwise you
    can sing after black friday sale: “I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need” 😀 😀



    • Rosie Waldherr
      Wednesday December 7th, 2016 / 09:42 PM

      Haha, totally!!!

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