Glossybox February 2017: The Love Edition

[:en] After seeing the new February Glossybox getting to some Blogger colleagues, I was very excited to get my own. You can read more on it here!

Glossybox Austria: November 2016 – Winter Wishlist Edition

[:en] The time has come again – the November Glossybox has already made its way to me. The theme for the November Glossybox was “Winter Wishlist”. Today I show you what was in the box and what I thought about it!

[:en]Glossybox Austria: October 2016[:de]Glossybox Austria: Oktober 2016[:]

[:en] I have a very weird relationship with Glossybox. On one hand I love being able to get to know new products, on another hand I’ve been getting a bit disappointed lately. What started as a new concept has become mainstream. Why? Because I also follow other people and have…

How to make a changing table on a budget

Once you find out you’re pregnant, one of the things you need to think of is the baby’s room. One of the important places to think of is where you will change their diapers. Today I am sharing with you how to make a changing table on a budget. 

Yelling won’t help

We have a mailmen, or at least I think we do, since we do receive letters. But whenever it comes to packages, somehow, they never ring the door. Like. EVER. And it’s not like people aren’t home, I’ve been home for a lot of the times and they just don’r…