Rosie’s Wishlist: Eternity!

Hey hey everyone!
I’ve been crushing on a perfume for as long as I can remember! I remember smelling it when I was ten or eleven and loving it and never knew what brand or name it was until this year I smelled it on a colleague of mine!
I was so so happy that I immediately had to go spritz it on myself in the next Sephora!
Can you guess what it is? It’s Calvin Klein’s Eternity for woman!
I’ve loved this perfume a looong time and actually got to try it out on my own a while ago and it smelled amazing!!! 
The men’s version is also very good, a friend of mine uses it and whenever I see him I just want to cuddle and smell him forever! (not creepy at all, huh?)
I wouldn’t mind to have one of these either! I’m a sucker for anything that smells nice and when there are lotions for the perfumes I always love them!
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