Rosie Talks: Why don’t fashion bloggers have a personal style anymore?

I’ve been blogging for a while now..I started my last blog in 2011 and then decided to go with this one last year. And I’ve been reading blogs for longer than I can remember. Style, Lifestyle, Beauty, Personal, Photography or Fashion blogs, I’ve dabbed my eyes on a variety of blogs and even have my couple favorites.
I’ve started realizing that there is a trend, for the lack of a better word, recurrent the fashion blogs out there. The way I see it, personal fashion and style blogs (meaning blogs of people who post their own outfits) are supposed to be a platform for them to be themselves, share their own style and their own way of using and pairing the fashion that’s given to us out there. 
The thing is..the so called “big” blogs, meaning the more knows fashion blogs, all seem…well…they all look the same to me. They have the same style…for the most part. Here in Austria there are a few bigger blogs..and I can see the resembles in them…those bloggers also know each other in their private lives and you can see that they start having the same style. I remember one of those bloggers when she started her own blog, she had a personal style..her own style..and now she is just like everyone else…it’s sad actually..
Let’s take the Falabella bag from Stella McCartney pictured’s a cute bag, I admit it..but now everyone has it..I mean everyone. It doesn’t matter that they’re in different colors, in the end it’s the same makes me not want it anymore, because I feel like I would just look like everyone else out there..
The “button down shirt under a sweater” is another trend that all fashion bloggers seemed to follow.. It’s nothing new, who doesn’t know the girls and boys in private schools who have to wear those preppy uniforms? I believe that’s probably the origin of the whole trend..and it looked cool, with the boyfriend jeans and heels..but after everyone wearing it seems like they don’t have a personal style anymore.
The latest obsession of the fashion bloggers seems to be the Poppy heels from Isabel Marant. It seems like everyone either has them or wants to have them!
It seems to me that, somewhere along the way, fashion bloggers have forgotten who they are and started all looking the same and following the same trends. 
Trends are there for us to take what we like and make them work in our own life, in our own style. But it seems that now everyone is doing the same thing…buying the same bags and shoes, dressing the same way..
Why is it? Have bloggers just fallen into a routine or couldn’t they handle the pressure of being different, being themselves? Or are they really all the same? Or is it because they want to work with brands and earn money from blogging and end up all working with the same brands?
 I just don’t know..but lately I’ve been liking more “unknown” bloggers because it seems like they’re not afraid to show their own style, to wear what they want to wear and in the end it comes off as more “real” and fun. And isn’t that what clothes and fashion are supposed to be? I think fashion should be fun..and I certainly don’t want to look like everyone else I see on the street!
Let me know what you think..


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