Rosie Talks: Some curiosities about Austrian people I’ve realized since being here..

Hey hey everyone!
There are a couple of things I learned or realized since living here in Vienna.. I’ve now been here for about three weeks..sometimes it seems like it’s been a lot more and sometimes it seems I arrived yesterday..nonetheless there are some things that got to my attention since being here..
One thing I’ve realized since moving to Vienna is that Austrian people are smokers. I mean..most of them smoke..they’re nice enough to have smoking and non-smoking places in restaurants for a long time (longer than we in Portugal), but it’s kinda shocking seeing young people smoking right next to their parents as if it’s all normal. I mean..I don’t think I would smoke next to my parents and I’m 25! (I don’t smoke Mum and Dad, you know that, don’t worry!). It’s just kinda weird for me to see it…
Another thing is the coffee culture. I had already realized this last time I lived here and annoyed the heck out of my friends when I moved back to Portugal because I kept saying that I wish there was the same coffee culture in Portugal as there is here. The only people who actually understood me where my friend Hugo and my best friend Daniela and even David accompanied me on my weekly Saturday trips to Starbucks, even though he doesn’t drink coffee. 
People are also a lot nicer in coffee shops, you can just sit there all day if you wish and only drink one coffee. And they always bring you water with your coffee, which I love and think it’s a must!
This is actually something I really like, because I can go to a coffee shop and use their internet and everything and have a yummy coffee to keep me warm and fuzzy inside!
Remember when I wrote about getting this bag for my birthday on my old blog? It was a bag I wanted for a long time, but never really had the courage to give 75€ for it (now I think it was totally worth it!!!). Well..I guess here it either is a lot cheaper or probably it’s because people earn more than in Portugal, but you see this bag on women’s shoulders all the time…everywhere…
And when it’s not this bag then it’s this one:
I mean, seriously…I’ve seen more LV Neverfull’s here than in my entire’s actually a bag I was thinking of saving for, because I really like it, but now that I see it everywhere, I just don’t see the appeal anymore…I actually saw a Michael Korrs bag in Steffl the other day, it’s really good quality and costs “just” 200€ compared to the 800€ of the Neverfull from Louis Vuitton!
Those are just a few curiosities I’ve seen here and thought I would share with all you, in case you find it interesting as well!
I wish you all a good day!


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