Rosie talks: Isn’t it ironic?

Hey hey everyone!
Throughout my years as a student, I didn’t really work hard. Actually I think the only time I really can say I studied hard was on my senior year at high-school
 when I had the exams and then on my last year at Uni.
It wasn’t that I was bad at it. I just wasn’t motivated. I never thought I was good enough to be one of the best (which was really stupid of me to think!) and I just gave more importance to what others thought than to what I thought. I should have tried harder, I know that, but I still managed to be on the average side of the scale. Looking back, I can only imagine the grades I would have had if I had actually put some effort into them.
How I usually looked like while studying..

So, it came as quite a surprise when, after I graduated, I started wanting to study again. Say what? That’s exactly what I thought myself! I actually thought I might be crazy or getting some kind of unknown bug or virus..

I actually browsed the university degrees..and found a degree I loved!!! It would last me 2 years, but unfortunately it would cost over 4000€..they said I would get it back because there is a paid internship included, but still… So now that I’m in Vienna, I went and browsed “just for fun” the different degrees they offer here..and now I regret it…
I found some I really really really would like to study! Urban Studies seemed really did Trans-cultural Communications..even Publicity and Communication Studies seemed amazing!!! It was on my (very long term) plans to study again..but I thought that would only happen after I had a job…a husband…kids…7 cats and didn’t have anything to do..
Now I just wish to get a job fast..and see if I can take another degree in my spare time…how did I get to be one of these people that only want to learn things? I used to think that was boring…I guess I just wasn’t learning things that interested me and I liked… I’m turning into my Dad (which is good, as long as I don’t start growing a beard..that’s just not the look I want to go with..) because he’s the one who always likes to learn new things and reads everything, everywhere.
I really hope I can go on with studying, whenever it happens..I’ll try some online courses for example, those are interesting..And maybe I’ll even take another degree..I would like to.. I find it ironic how I changed regarding this subject…
Do you like studying? What do you like, or not like, about it?


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