Rosie Reviews: On the run

A little over a year ago I bought my first Urban Decay product, which you can read all out it here. It was love at first sight and I’ve been showing it a lot of love since, wearing it almost daily!
Time went by, more things launched from the Naked line and life went by…nothing really made me “Wow” or say “I just have to have that”. And then I heard about this new all-in-one-limited-edition-palette called Naked on the run and I got curious. I liked the idea of it, researched it, saw a ton of reviews and looks and videos and whatnot and I liked it. 
I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. But, like with the Naked 3, I felt a bit guilty giving 50€ for a makeup palette. It’s a common thing with me, I don’t want to give that much money out for one product and end up wasting it on a ton of small things that I don’t appreciate nor use as much.
So, when me and Dani met for shopping, we went to check the palette out again. She looked at me as asked me to tell her a list of Pros and Cons. The only Con (besides the price) was that I was not sure of the bronzer shade, but that was quickly resolved when she opened one of the palettes so I could take a look.
The palette consists of:
  •  five all-new eye-shadows, two matte and three shimmery. I like that they did not just use browns, but also incorporated one more on the pinkish side;
  • a bronzer and a blush (I was pretty worried that the bronzer would be too warm or dark on me, but it really resembles Hoola from Benefit, which works well with my complexion)
  • a highlighting shade, which people are still debating if it is an eye-shadow or an overall highlighter – I’ve used it both ways and I like it!
  • a limited edition 24/7 eyeliner – it’s a dark brown-almost-black-but-not-as-harsh-kinda-color and I like it. Boy are people right when they rave about this eyeliner it does NOT budge once I put it on and it’s so creamy!
  • the Perversion mascara – I am not sure if this is the full sized mascara – which isn’t bad, but it’s also not so good that it’ll make me buy it separately.
  • a Naked lipgloss, that has no name on it, but I am pretty sure is a limited edition with the palette. I think it’s a gorgeous shade, but I always feel it’s a bit too sticky right when I apply it – even though it does wear off, leaving just the beautiful color without the stickiness.
From left to right: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun – all new eye-shadows.
As usual, they are very creamy and very pigmented. I do not feel as much fall-out as with the Naked 3 and I do think these will flatter most of the skin tones out there.
From left to right: the bronzer, the blush and the highlighter shade (called 5050).
I do feel that the blush and bronzer might be a bit too light for some of the darker skins (Dani has a medium toned olive skin and we both agreed the blush wouldn’t suit her at all and the bronzer would be pretty difficult to work with). 
Also, for a all-in-one palette, it has received a lot of negative reviews due to it’s packaging – people feel that it’s too bulky and big – it’s roughly the size of a CD box (do people still use CD’s?)- to carry around in your purse and have complained about it. I think people aren’t seeing the point of this palette, it’s an all-in-one palette, but I wouldn’t take it with me everywhere, everyday. I would pack it when I go on vacation or when I go spend the weekend at my boyfriend (I wish!) or at a friend – for that I feel the palette is perfect, because it already has everything (besides foundation and concealer) to create a complete look! I think if you want to carry an eye-shadow palette around, just get the Naked Basics!
All in all, I think you do get your money worth with this product and it is also a good way to get to know various products of the brand, since it’s not only an eye-shadow palette and also includes the eye-liner (which I personally was dying to try, but did not want to give out 20€ for one), the lip-gloss and the mascara. If you divide the 52€ by the amount of products you get, you’re paying 4.75€ per product (I paid less because Sephora was having a 20% off of everything the day I got it).
 Do you invest in this kind of palettes or do you think it’s a waste of money?
Let me know, it’s actually something that interests me!


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