Rosie Reviews: My skin Tinted moisturizer

Hey hey everyone!
Today I’m gonna review a product that I’ve had for quite some times, but never got around to write about it!
It’s the “my skin tinted moisturizer” from essence in “light skin”. 
It’s supposed to be a tinted moisturizer and I must say I was terribly disappointed at it because it really has no coverage at all! It’s so sheer you can hardly call it a tinted moisturizer! =( BUT, I do like using it before my Sleek Tinted Moisturizer because it evens out my skin and does help it get a bit more glowy, since my skin is very dull..
I like its consistency and smell and I was really sad it didn’t work out for me as a day to day alternative to foundation, but I’m happy I got a use for it after all! I would hate for it to go to waste!
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