Rosie Reviews: KIKO Cosmetics nail polish!

Hey hey everyone!

Today I’m writing another review, this time of a nail polish from KIKO Cosmetics!
My Mum got me this nail polish last year when we were shopping for her one day and I only got to write about it now..Here it is!


It doesn’t really have a specific name, but it’s a dark pink more on the mauve side of the colour scheme!

It applies very well and has a very good coverage, you could even get away with only one coat. In these pictures I used two coats and no top coat, as I like to test how the polishes last with and without it.


I really liked this nail polish!! They’re very inexpensive, we got this one at around 2€ which is a very good price for its quality! You have a ton of colours to choose from, which is a big plus in my book!
What do you guys think?




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