Rosie Eats: Vapiano!

I don’t usually get take-out food, not because it isn’t healthy (there are a lot of good healthy places nowadays), but because I feel like cooking at home comes cheaper and at least I know what I put into it, right? 
But on Saturday I was so tired by the time I was getting home, I just didn’t feel like cooking and I knew I would end up eating cereal or so for dinner…which isn’t good. So when I got out of the subway I decided to go into Vapiano to get something yummy to eat, but it was so full of people and I have this stupid thing of not liking to sit in a restaurant alone (what? I don’t want people to think I don’t have friends….) so I just took it home..
They have this promotion, when you get a pizza or a pasta you can get a mini salad for just 2€…which I got for free…because apparently the cook liked me and only charged me the pasta..
What I love is that you actually see them preparing you food! Also, the package where they put your pasta to go is really good quality!! I actually washed mine and am going to use it to store salads and such in the fridge..or maybe even to take salads to work for lunch!
I got the green pesto pasta and chose to have it with full corn fusilli. It’s so yummy (even though my Dad’s pesto tastes better in my opinion, but this was good to) and I loved that they use fresh Parmesan and not the stuff from a bag..they actually scrape it in front of you!! And look how good it looks melted into the pasta!!! Also, they only use natural ingredients and you can taste that!´
You get a very good amount for what you pay, I couldn’t eat it all at once and had some left over for Sunday’s lunch! For all this I paid 6€50, because I got the salad for should have been 8€50, which I still think is a very fair price, especially if you consider these are Austrian prices and not Portuguese ones..
The “mini” salad was double the size I usually make at I guess 2€ is a pretty fair price for it…and their home-made balsamic dressing is to die for!!! It’s so creamy… HOW do they get it so creamy?? I have to say I even licked the cover…
If you’re ever in Vienna, or anywhere where they have a Vapiano, you have to try it out!! It’s just amazing..the people are always nice..and they have free gummy bears at the check out. Enough said!



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