Easy Recipe: healthy cookie recipe!

Hey hey everyone!
The other day I was craving something sweet and crunchy, but didn’t want to munch on something fatty or too sugary, so I went on searching for something I could make with what I had at home and I found the easiest cookie recipe I’ve ever seen and the best part? It’s all healthy and yummy!!!
All you need are three ingredients, a bowl, two hands and a curious kitten! Well, the kitten is optional…
You only need is a cup of dry oats, a ripe banana (the more ripe, the sweeter it’ll taste) and some kind of dry fruits like raisins, I chose to use dry cranberries because they’re yummy and I had them on hand!
You put everything inside the bowl and work it with your hands until it’s all together. Then you form the amount of cookies you wants, in my case they were three medium ones and one big one and put them in the oven for about 20min at 200ºC.
This is how they will look when they’re still uncooked and below you can see how they look after being cooked! I like them more on the crispier side, but you can leave them less time for them to be less crispy, it’s up to you!
This is literally the best recipe ever!!!! It’s easy, healthy and yummy!!!!
Will you try this recipe out?
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