Easy Recipe: Chili a la baby Waldherr

 Sometime before I left for Vienna, my Dad made some Chili. The man really knows how to cook (and is totally gonna walk through the house all proud after reading this!) and I must say that, even though I was a bit skeptical about trying it out (I don’t really like the kind of food where everything is together…and I thought it would be hot and I don’t do hot food) I have to say that I loved it. 
So it comes to no surprise that while I was groceries shopping last week and happened to look at the hacked red meat, I immediately thought about doing this!!! I did however do it my way…meaning I didn’t do it with just the beans…but some veggies as well…and I called it “Chili a la baby Waldherr” (because I’m the baby of the family):
This is what happened when you’re cooking with just one hand because your Mum suddenly missed you and called you. Here is the proof I was making red meat!!! (See? I DO eat red meat sometimes!!!)
The veggies are a “French” mixture I got at Billa and then just a can of red beans to fill it all up a bit and make it a bit more “chillier”..
The only downside to it was that I don’t really have a lot of spices yet so I basically dumped a whole lot of garlic and oregano on the meat to make it tastier…I like to spice my food, learned it from my Dad and have to say I miss the mustard glasses we have at home filled with diverse spices…it’s so much easier to just reach above the stove and use what you want to..
This was the final result. I did enough for two meals so I had this for dinner two days in a row…and I loved it! And it was healthy and yummy!
Do you have your own Chili recipe?



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