Rosie comments: seriously, Kim?

Kim Kardashian. 
Those who never heard of her raise you hand (not you Mom and Dad, put your hards down!!). 
I must say I first heard of her because of her show Keeping up with the Kardashians, but after hearing so many people commenting on her, I went and googled her. 
I thought she’d gotten famous because of the show, but turns out she got the show because she made a sex tape with some black skinny rapper. I don’t know who he is and before you ask, no, I didn’t see the tape. Since then, she’s been heard saying loud and proud that she wants to “distance” herself from that sex-tape-actress-type-of-image. 
I think she’s on the right track…check out what she did now:
I don’t know who she was trying to channel…Marilyn or Audrey…but dear…no. No no no no no! Someone please tell me where in this picture is a classy lady?! You can put a sparkly black dress on and a pearl necklace on her, but I don’t think the picture is anything but…trashy. Sorry to say…I would understand her balancing the glass on her butt, since aparently everyone talks about it and it’s a huge deal..but that champagne bottle is just…no! I don’t think this is the right way to go when you want to distance yourself from a trashy image….but this is actually the best picture of the bunch…take a look:
Because after all that champagne going around she got wet and needed to take the dress off. *shakes head* And why is she so oiled up? Is she planning on going to get roasted in the oven or something?! Like…ugh I just don’t get why Kim, such a sweet woman (because she actually seems sweet in the show…when she’s not being diva-rella), would subject herself to this. And that face of happiness…”uh I’m so happy, getting undressed in front of all these people, this will totally make me look like a good girl! No one’s gonna remember I got famous with a sex tape.” Not.
Again…why?! (and is the size of that buttcrack normal? Focus Rosie…focus)
To me this just seems like a cheap production…some kind of failed attempt to make some erotic pictures…that instead turned into something low rated, cheap and trashy…
And the thing is…her momager (mom+manager) and her husband, that for those who don’t know is Kanye West were probably right there in the studio being all like “Oh yeah Kim, you’re doing great!!!!” clapping and cheering and shit. Like…ugh…and just wait for the last picture….just…ugh..
So…just a disclaimer, I did see the uncensored picture…and even though I think you should post whatever you want and I personally have nothing against nudity, I never posted nude pictures on my blog and I am not starting now. Not even for Kim.
So…aparently she did this photoshooting to show off her weightloss after having North (who is her child btw, if you’ve been living under a rock). 
Oh…ok then!! NOW it makes sense!!! You wanted to show off your “hot bod” so you chose to make a slutty version of a brunette Marilyn instead of…oh..I don’t know, a bikini shoot or hey, better yet a fitness inspired shoot! Because showing your boobs and your private parts is really gonna get the message out there that you’re a classy woman and that sex tape was just a mistake made by a young girl in her twenties.  
I’m disappointed, I am. Kim is such a sweet girl, she’s a diva, I’ll give ya that, but she’s sweet and insecure and, taking all of the glamour and stuff aside, pretty relatable. Which is why so many people like her. But this is just…trashy…and low…and…and she could be doing so much more with herself!!!! The woman has a following…a voice…and instead of using it to teach girls to respect themselves and that they don’t need to undress to be worthy, she’s showing exactly the opposite!!! I think she could inspire young women out there to be successful…she does have an image, a show, a clothing line and several shops around the US…she could be inspiring girls to work hard…it’s just such a waste of her talents..
What do you think?


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