Rosie advises: How to deal with rumors!

Hey hey everyone!!
Today I decided to finally do something that I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time! It’s called “Rosie advises” and basically is an advice series here on the blog!
Many people have told me I give good advice…do I? I don’t know…but I know I always try to help in any way I can and who am I to say they’re wrong when they say I do? I’m going to try and post them every Saturday =D
And I decided to write my first post focusing on rumors, or better said, on how to deal with them!
We’ve all fallen victim to them, heck we’ve all told a rumor to our best friend! But did we at the time realize that we might be hurting someone? And how should you deal with the rumor itself?
Well,I think the first thing to do is see what type or rumor it is! More often than not it won’t be anything that will hurt your future BUT if it is something that might cost you a job or say, a grade on a test, then it’s a whole different story!
For the first option, I think the best thing is to try to ignore it! Hey, I had someone spreading all through my college that I was cheating on my Mr with my Best Friend H! Did it annoy me? Heck yes!!! But you know what? My Mr and The Best Friend found it so funny they started even making jokes about it and eventually it all went away and we all got a good laugh out of it!
But of course, not all people react the same way…bottom line, I think that whoever is spreading the rumor in first place is more often than not just jealous of you! Be it because you have great friends, a great personality or are in a relationship with someone they have a crush on, it usually all comes down to jealousy!
But, if the rumor is something that is really hurting your dignity or possibly jeopardizing your future then I would most definitely advise you to talk to the person or even with your boss or teacher! Do it in a responsible way, don’t just start a rumor about that person in a way or getting revenge, that never ends well and will only make you be on their level! 
And you are so much better than that!! Don’t seek revenge, just ignore, be the bigger person and walk away or go and confront the person about it, preferably with other people around (I’ve found out that it works better if you two are surrounded by people who really know the truth about the rumor!) and just see what happens!
And last but not least, don’t let some petty rumor affect you! You’re better than that and you, better than anyone else, know the truth and know who you are!
I hope this was helpful…if you want to, you can send me a message to my Facebook Page or a DM to my Twitter and I’ll get back to you!
Have a great day!




  1. Filipa
    Saturday January 19th, 2013 / 10:50 PM

    I hate rumors! But I find it very true of you to mention that we all have already helped spread a rumor…that is very true!!


  2. Sunday January 20th, 2013 / 06:02 PM

    Love that you tackle some of these issues head on, Rosie, what a great post for so many, and such a part of life, unfortunately! Loving this turn in your blog…I think you will inspire a lot of people! 🙂

  3. V
    Tuesday January 29th, 2013 / 10:13 PM

    You are the one who spreads rumors you friendship wrecker!

  4. Wednesday January 30th, 2013 / 10:15 PM have a problem with me call me…if you don't have my number or my e-mail..then you're not my friend and what you say doesn't really matter!

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