{Review} S*he Stylezone gel-like nail polish

I like to try out new products, especially when they’re from the drugstore and not overly expensive. When it comes to nail polish, I usually stick to the brands that I already know and love for those colors I already know are my favorites and I’ll have a ton of use from. Then, when it comes to trends, I try to chose more inexpensive brands, such as the one I’m reviewing today. The reason is simple: if the quality is good, I got myself a new favorite and if it sucks but I still liked the color I can always go and look for it in my trusty brands.

When I saw this nail polish at dm I thought the color was really summery and girly, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like wearing it. Once I saw the price tag I decided to give it a go! Besides, it was from their new gel-like line!


As you guys can see, it’s a really bubble-gum or barbie pink! The formula isn’t too runny and you could get away with even one coat of color. It retails at 2.45€ in every dm store in Austria (and I think Germany too!).

The brush could be a bit wider, but I guess that’s a matter of preference. The color applies very evenly and doesn’t clump up – the drying time is not too long, but you need to give it a couple of minutes to dry up. One thing that bothers me is that the formula changes with time, it gets clumpier and not so easy to apply – after a few weeks you’ll notice the difference, until it’s too gooey to use it comfortably, but maybe that has something to do with the gel-like formula? It has a very good durability, lasts for a couple of days without a top coat on, if I use a top coat it’ll last for about 5 days without chipping – again that also depends on what you do with your hands, if you’re always washing things or using brushes, it’ll chip easier. 

All in all I think I’ll probably get other nail polishes from this brand if I want to try a new trend out, but for my all time favorite colors, I’ll stick with my beloved Sally Hansen or Essie polishes that I already know!



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