{Review} Essence Fame Fatal

I love nail polishes, they’re such a fun way to change up your look and they definitely change my mood. Essie used to be my one go-to brand and for years the only one I wore, but now I’ve found some other more affordable brands that I love, like Essence!


I think a red nail polish can be the most classy shade, if you pick the right one! This one is from Essence and it’s just amazing!! It’s from their new Gel nail polish collection and I have to say the staying power is really good!

It’s named Fame Fatal with the number 16. I advise you to use it with a base coat and a top coat, for a longer and shinier effect. It costs about 2€ in dm or Bipa and I think it’s a really good nail polish. Essie and Sally Hansen have a similar color and I still chose to get this one, it’s that good! It also dries up really fast, a huge plus for someone like me who hates waiting for her polish to dry!

Have you guys tried this range of polishes? What did you think?


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