{Review} The Body Shop Skin Defence

It is finally June, time to grill outside, chill by the lake or eat ice-cream. And there is one thing we can never forget: SPF!

Last Summer I looked for a moisturizer with SPF and could not find any that suited me and my skin, regardless where I looked.

As you know, I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and most of the creams I found with SPF were either for oily skin, way too thick (but not moisturizing) or had an SPF of 15 or 30. No offence, but moi needs something with at least 50 SPF! And then, when I was more than ready to give up, I found it! The Skin Defence from The Body Shop.

Skin Defence The Body Shop

I love The Body Shop and have shopped there a lot in the past (those Body Creams and their amazing scents!), but I didn’t even know they also had SPF special for the face. At a price point of 24€ for the small amount of 40ml, I consider it pricy, but it is vegan and doesn’t test on animals. In the end I got it, because I thought spending 24€ for year is worth protecting my skin in the Summer – I use something else in the Winter time. 

The Skin Defense from The Body Shop is pretty runny in consistence and dries on your skin pretty quickly – a very big plus for me! And since the packaging is so small, you can take it everywhere with you – which is what I do and why I often “lose” it, when I change bags. 

Skin Defence The Body Shop

Is it good? Like everything in life, it’s a matter of taste. I can say, I really like it. I managed to not get any sunburn on my face, when using this cream! And I also didn’t get any pimples or clogged pores, like with all other moisturizers with SPF that I had tried, and my skin  did not feel dry – not more than usual. But, what really bothered me is the amount of alcohol the product had and the smell of it. The second ingredient is “Alcohol Denat.” and it does smell a lot like it! Nevertheless, I found the cream did what it is supposed to. My advice is “just try it out”! For those of you with a very light skin like me, this is definitely a good thing to buy. My skin is also extremely sensitive (eczema, “baby acne” and so on) and I did not have any issues with thsi product. The alcohol smell did bother me, but it is gone in less than 2 minutes, so it’s worth it for me. 

What SPF do you use? What brand do you like most? I’m always on the hunt for good SPF creams, specially for the face!


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