Reminiscing in the Past…

Hello hello everyone!!!!
I survived my hell week and am finally ready to just relax for a week =) Usually we get two weeks spring break, but this year we get just one.. I will need to get some studying done because I have 2 tests right after eastern..but that’s ok!
I was cleaning up my computer disk and I found some pretty pictures that I thought about sharing with you! I really need to go take some more pictures!!!!
Gift 001
These have been taken years ago, no joke!!! I NEED to go get new pictures! They are all quite near my house, about a 10min I really don’t have a valid excuse for not going out more with my camera more often!
How amazing are these colors??? I like to go up there and just sit listening to the sea and enjoying the gorgeous view! This is one of my favorite things about living in Portugal near the sea, as we don’t have beaches and the ocean in Vienna =(


I hope you guys liked this post and enjoyed the pictures =D
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Have a nice weekend!


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