Easy Recipe: Iced Latte with D’arbo Karamell Sirup

In case you don’t know yet, I’m addicted to coffee. Well, ok, I’m addicted to Lattes – as Markus always says, I drink “milk with coffee”. What I love even more than coffee is caramel. The best combi for me is caramel coffee! It’s not for nothing that my favorite drink at Starbucks was always Caramel Macchiato (before I moved to Austria and learned what good coffee is!).

Until now I always had to buy the tabs for our Nespresso machine, that don’t really taste all that much of caramel. But today I have a recipe for you guys to make Iced Lattes at home!!! All of it using the new Karamell Sirup from D’arbo!

Karamell Sirup Darbo

D’arbo Caramel Syrup

A few weekends ago, Markus and I went groceries shopping and he saw this small bottle and pointed it out for me. After inspecting it closely, I got back to him with a “I want!” look. He rolled his eyes, because he knows me to well and also doesn’t understand how someone can drink coffee with so much milk and extra flavor. As you can see, the small Karamell Sirup bottle from D’arbo came home with us. The fact that you can also use it with ice cream probably also helped!

{Recipe} Iced Latte with D’arbo Karamell Sirup

You don’t need much to make the best Caramel Iced Latte:

  • Coffee – I used a Cosi cap from Nespresso
  • D’arbo Karamell Sirup
  • Milk
  • Ice
  • A beautiful glass with a straw – optional

Iced Latte Karamell D'arbo

Preparing it couldn’t be easier: you put a bit of the Karamell Sirup from D’arbo in a glass, add ice cubes and pour coffee. 

I like doing it right away with ice cubes and then add some more in the end, because the coffee will be cooler right away. 

Add the amount of milk you want and drink it!

Iced Latte Karamell D'arbo

It tastes even better with a heart-shaped-brioche – and looks amazing on pictures on Instagram and Co! 

The Karamell Sirup from D’arbo also tastes amazing just with milk, ice cream or fruit. 

I love this Caramel Iced Latte! How do you like to drink your coffee?

This post is not sponsored, I purchased the syrup myself

(But I wouldn’t say no to a cooperation like this!)


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