Quick outfit picture =)

Hello everyone!!!
Tonight I’m just posting some outfit pictures, although the quality is not exactly the best =X I’m sorry for that, I’m using my Dad’s camera because I can’t focus my camera without flash (dunno why!) so bear with me until I get the hang of this, ok? =)
This was just an outfit I wore to go get my bus pass! I wore a really warm coat over this and my boots, since it’s been freezing over here!!


What do you guys think? Once again, sorry for the lack of quality…need to get some “Photos for Blogs for Dummies” or something =P
And here is a sneak peek of the lipstick =D I’ll post tomorrow the pictures! It’s kinda hard using two different cameras and having to upload the pictures to the laptop and then edit them and stuff!
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Talk to you all tomorrow! =)
Hugs and Kisses


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